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Tree Sponsorships and Gifts

Celebrate or memorialize loved ones by planting trees in their honor, while caring about the environment and replanting our nation. Our sponsorship program is made possible through the National Wildlife Federation's program: Trees for Wildlife.

With your purchase, NWF will plant a tree by partnering with schools, local government and nonprofit organizations. These groups plant and commit to care for the trees for years to come, benefiting the local community and wildlife! All trees from these sales will be planted in the United States and are native species that help protect and restore the wild places that nurture wildlife. For every purchase, one tree is planted for wildlife!

Tree Sponsorship Program offers a special and lasting way to celebrate, memorialize or send holiday wishes to clients and associates, while caring about the environment and replanting our nation.

Trees for Wildlife Ornaments are crafted from olive branches pruned from olive groves - trees are never cut down for the wood. Great care is taken in selecting, drying and carving, to showcase the beautiful wood grain in each piece. A hand carved ornament makes a great gift during the holiday season, while caring about the environment. Every ornament purchase helps fund the planting of trees, which increases habitat for wildlife and prevents soil erosion.

Trees for Wildlife
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